Zune Software Tutorial

The mobile phone world is dominated by many renowned companies, but one relatively new player brings more to the table than the rest. Microsoft’s Windows Phone comes with the added advantage of well-tested software. Having dominated the operating system world for so long, Microsoft’s entry into the mobile world affords you the opportunity to own a phone with greater capability.

But the deal gets even better when Zune software comes into the picture. The fact that you can connect your phone to your PC and enjoy unparalleled services is the reason you should embrace Microsoft’s mobile devices. At this point, an in-depth description of the process of connecting your phone and the PC is important, in addition to explaining the numerous benefits that you stand to gain if you install Zune Software on you PC.

About Zune Software

Zune Software

Zune Software

Before delving into the software, let us clear some confusion about the word ‘Zune’. Zune is a family sort of term that describes a number of applications associated with Windows Phones. A Zune player is essentially an MP3 player, a portable device for playing music and videos. The Zune app is inbuilt in every Windows phone to transform it into a music and videos center.

The Zune Marketplace is an online shop where you can download and sometimes purchase music, videos, apps, podcasts and games. The xBox Music Pass is found in the Zune Marketplace and allows you to subscribe to music and videos that you can download and stream on your phone.

Having cleared the confusion, let us turn to Zune software. It is a program that you access free of charge and download and install on your computer. It then creates a link between your iPhone and the PC. Zune software becomes some form of a media jukebox for your devices.

Requirements for installing Zune software

Before you download Zune software for use with your Windows phone, you must ensure that your computer is within the following system specifications. This program works with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Please do not try it on Windows RT because it will not function. Further, the processor must be 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64). The RAM in your PC must also be 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB.


Despite this, it is possible for your download not to install if you are using Windows XP versions that predate Service Park 3. If you find yourself in this situation, please install Windows XP SP3. If you are on Windows 7 or Windows Vista and you have a problem with installation, visit www.windowsphone.com for assistance.

A word of caution, though

While Zune software is availed to you at no financial implications and there are no costs associated with setting up a Zune account, the copyright owner endeavors to make it more effective for users and this involves collecting information on users and usage. This implies that the company will collect information from you as you install the software, even if it does not install effectively. Microsoft also collects details from you when you visit the Zune marketplace. In particular, the pages and links you visit and your activity are crucial pieces of information for the company.


The company does not use this for espionage but rather to establish your tastes, preferences and experiences in order to create a better platform and products thus improving your experience. However, since issues of privacy are dependent on individuals, Microsoft advises those who may have problems with this form of data collection or surveillance in the Zune marketplace not to download and install the software.

Installing Zune Software

For most users of this software, the installation process is automatic when they connect their Windows Phones to PCs. A prompt appears immediately urging you to install the Zune program. However, if you are not asked to install the software when you connect the two devices, visit the Zune software for your PC page where you will find a button for downloading the software.

Irrespective of the path you take to download the Zune software, follow the directions until the program installs on your PC.

You may start with a screen like the one below:

License Terms

License Terms

Accept the Terms & Condition and Click On Install as below:

Ready to install Zune

Ready to install Zune


The software will start installing:

Installing Zone mobile pc suite

Installing Zone mobile pc suite

The software will automatically install till end.

When the installation completes, you will get the below screen to launch Zune application

Install finished

Finish installing

You can start using it now:

Welcome screen Zune software

Welcome screen Zune software

If you are using a Mac, the best strategy is to go to your Windows Phone and locate the relevant app for installing Zune. Follow the prompts and the software will sync your PC and Windows phone automatically. Most importantly, do not exit this process until you are sure that your Windows phone and the PCs are interconnected, otherwise you will not enjoy the amazing features of Zune software described below:

Download loads of materials for your Windows Phone

Once the Zune software is installed and working in your PC, it is time to download music, movies, videos, podcasts, TV shows and so on. Obviously, a phone without some form of entertainment may be very boring for most of us. Phones are not just communication gadgets; they hold a lot of significance in terms of entertainment.


Zune Marketplace

Zune Marketplace


The Zune Marketplace is the home of the latest and best music and other stuff for your Windows Phone. Here you will select the type of music, video or other material you want for your Windows Phone and download it. Remember there are freebies and stuff that must be paid for. However, even without money, you will not lack quality music to spice up your Window Phone experience.

Sync Your Windows Phone and PC and the stuff they contain

After you have downloaded materials in your PC, you can send it to your Windows Phone and vice versa. For example you can copy pictures, music, movies, podcasts and TV Shows from your PC to your Windows Phone. Similarly, when you take photos or videos using your phone, you can transfer them to your PC.


What this means for you is that you have a backup for your stuff in case the unthinkable happens. Assuming that your phone will not get lost and your PC crash on the same day, you can always access your stored materials. Zune software is, therefore, a very important program for anybody using Windows 7 Phone. Creating that vital connection between your phone and PC may eventually prove to be the best guarantee that you will never lose important files.

Get regular updates for your phone

Technology changes every day. Your Windows 7 Phone needs regular updates for the programs you have installed in it. Some of these updates determine the functionality of your phone. Without regular updates, some apps will not function and this will inconvenience you. You will also need to update programs that protect your phone from viruses, malware and worms. Moreover, new features for your phone come up every day and your only guarantee of not being bypassed is regularly updating your phone.

With Zune software, you will receive regular notifications of software that need to be updated. Some programs will also be updated automatically depending on the settings. As a PC user, you understand how updates work especially for Windows. Microsoft brings the same benefits that you get on your PC to your Windows Phone through Zune Software.

You can rip audio CDs

Music is a perpetual feature in our lives. Without music on your Windows Phone, your phone would just be a shell to communicate with. One of the benefits of using Zune software on your phone is that you can rip audio CDs. Since you are using a PC, you can insert the audio CD into the right compartment and rip it into formats that will work with your Windows phone. Once you have ripped the CD on your PC, you can transfer the new files to your phone. This means that you don’t have to miss the music in an audio CD because you are using your Windows Phone.

Settings in Zune

Settings in Zune


Let us finish this tutorial with a few observations on Zune software setting. This program gives you several options for syncing your devices. Once your PC and Windows Phone are interconnected, your default settings will be to sync all videos, music and pictures between your phone and PC. However, this depends on whether you have enough space for that on your device. It is important, therefore, to select your sync options at the onset. Go through the options provided and choose either ‘All’, ‘Items I choose’, or ‘Manual’.

In addition, when you connect your Windows Phone to a PC for the first time, the two are said to be linked. The PC remembers the history involved and records what is happening currently. However, when you connect your Windows Phone to another PC, the two devices are said to be ‘guests’. Manual syncing is possible, but no records will be kept or albums updated.

Each of the choices you make have implications on what will happen to the files you are dealing with at a certain time. Remember you can always change your sync options according to your needs at a particular time.

iPhone PC Suite Tutorial

In a world where constant, fast and effective communication is very crucial for personal and business relations, we all want mobile gadgets that are easy to use and manage. An iPhone is one of the most important gadgets for the modern man or woman because of its convenience, functionality and the content it carries.

Think about the precious memories stored in your photos, messaged and videos. What is the value of your contacts, music and playlists? Backing up and managing your iPhone files is now very easy, thanks to iPhone PC Suite. Here is a systematic account of how exactly you can enjoy the merits of this exceptional software.

About iPhone PC Suite

This is a revolutionary program that allows you to back up the materials in your iPhone and to transfer files from your iPhone to PC and back. It also enables you to edit, add and group your stuff and even print or share it. In essence iPhone PC Suite is complete backup software for your iPhone that ensures you don’t have to struggle to retrieve you data in case of any malfunctions or loss of your gadget. This is what iPhone PC Suite does, but with greater functionalities not possible with iTunes.

Prerequisites for installing iPhone PC Suite

Before you install iPhone PC Suite on your computer, it is important to ensure your machine meets the following specifications. iPhone PC Suite works with Windows operating system particularly Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003 (64-bit & 32-bit). It also works with Mac PCs especially Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard. In addition to having any of these operating systems, your processor must be 750 MHz Intel or AMD CPU or more. You also must have 1GB or more space on your hard disk, while you RAM must be 512 MB or more.

How to install and use iPhone PC Suite

Step 1: The iPhone PC Suite website contains a prompt that enables you to download the software and install it in your PC.

Download software

Download software

Step 2: The installation process is simple and fast.
Download the software and click on Run. The first screen will open like the one below:

Installing iphone software

Installing iphone software


Step 3: Once you click OK, the installation process will start.

Step 4: Click Next and follow next few screens with the default option.

Installl iphone dialog

Installl iphone dialog


Step 5: Finally you may see a screen like the one below. Click Install and installation will start.

Installing iphone software

Installing iphone software

Step 6: After installation completes, you will be prompted with a screen like the one below:

Finish installing Iphone pc suite

Finish installing Iphone pc suite

Step 7: As you launch the application, you will be prompted to connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.

Iphone pc suite connection

Iphone pc suite connection

Step 8: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod and it will start initializing the device:

Connecting Iphone

Connecting Iphone

Step 9: The initialization may take few minutes:

initialization  of your Iphone

initialization of your Iphone

Step 10: Click OK when you get a popup like the one below:


Once all the above steps are complete, you can proceed to carry out various functions with the software.

Iphone pc suite welcome page

Iphone pc suite welcome page

This means that whatever you can do with files when using your iPhone you can accomplish with the iPhone PC Suite from the comfort of the PC. However, bear in mind that you mobile device must be compatible with the iPhone PC Suite, which means only Apple devices are supported by this software.

iPhone PC Suite works with numerous Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), several iOS versions. It supports a wide range of formats for movies, videos, music and photos. This software connects your iPhone and PC or other devices through USB cable. It is significant that iPhone PC Suite is available to try out for free with the option of buying a fully functional version after you are satisfied with the trial version.

The advantages of using iPhone PC Suite

There are numerous reasons for you to download and install iPhone PC Suite on your iPhone today. It is important to always bear in mind that some of the information contained in your iPhone is so precious that backing it up is not a hard choice to make. Explore the merits of this software to see exactly why this software is a must-have.

Back up your files and other important information to PC and iTunes Library

Although iTunes is known to provide a lot of essential benefits to iPhone users, iPhone PC Suite has more capabilities than iTunes. With this program, you can select the items you want to back up so that in case you lose your iPhone or it is damaged, no significant information will be lost.

Playlist iphone

Playlist iphone

The materials to back up include photos, photo albums, music files (like play counts, ratings, playlists skips and artworks), text messages, iPhone contacts (on Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo, Google, Outlook AOL), videos, audiobooks, TV shows, MMS etc. These materials will be stored in readable formats and you can restore them to your iPhone without losing any content through erasure or otherwise. This implies that you can access your files and contacts when you need them and there will be no problem with the kind of format they are stored in.

Sync iPhone to create an iTunes option

In addition to functioning as a backup for iPhone files, iPhone PC Suite will help you to sync files from iTunes Library and PC to your iPhone as an alternative to iTunes. Where necessary, the software will convert files from PC and iTunes Library into formats that are compatible with your iPhone. This will come in handy when you want to install stored files in a new iPhone.

You can also transfer contacts from Outlook Express, vCard files, Windows Live Windows Address Book, Mail and Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 to your phone straight from PC.  All your worries about your iPhone being wiped out come to an end with iPhone PC Suite. This software is therefore a more powerful and accessible alternative to iTunes.

Exchange data between iPhone, iPad and iPod through direct transfer

Have you ever wanted to transfer data from one iPhone to another or to an iPad or iPod but did not find a less risky and convenient way to do it?  iPhone PC Suite backs up data from iPhones, iPads, iPods and iTunes and allows you to send data directly from your iPhone and other devices.

This function will come in handy when you want to use a new device that is compatible with your iPhone. Apart from iPods and iPads, you can transfer data to iPad mini, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod shuffle and iPod nano versions such as the latest iPhone 6,  iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini 3 iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2. The ease of transferring data from one device to the other using iPhone PC Suite is one of the most outstanding aspects of this software.

Manage your iPhone from your PC

Managing files on an iPhone is sometimes a tedious activity. The size of the gadget may even make you to do what you never intended to. For example, you can delete or wrongly modify a file while in the real sense you only wanted to rename it. That is why you need software that allows you to handle your files from a broader interface, like you PC screen. You can use iPhone PC Suite to manage the files on your iPhone from your PC.

This means you can delete, add, modify, group, reshuffle and eliminate duplicate contacts on your iPhone. Think about the many times you find one person with so many contact details on your phone that you don’t know which one to use. Some of these details are from emails, phone calls, text messages and so on.

Iphone contacts

Iphone contacts

From the wide screen of your PC, you can use iPhone PC Suite to arrange the contacts and delete those that are repeated. Consider this to be like a general cleaning exercise where you get rid of all dirty and materials that you don’t use often. Similarly, you can create new music and video playlists, add music and video files, create additional photo albums and manipulate all you photos stored on your iPhone from your PC. Music, whether in audio or video formats, would be more enjoyable of your files were arranged in such a manner as to facilitate easy identification.

iPhone PC Suite will help you to arrange your entertainment department conveniently thus affording you the time to enjoy music when you are travelling without having to worry over how files are arranged. In essence, this software allows you to organize your files in a when you are more relaxed thus making it easy to view and enjoy them when using the iPhone.

Drag and Drop files effortlessly

Modern technology exists to make our work easier. Being able to move files within your iPhone conveniently is one advantage that this software affords you. You can carry our major functions on your IPhone by simply dragging files from one location and dropping them in another.  This may involve syncing, backing up, transferring, managing and moving iPhone files using iPhone PC Suite. You will find yourself doing this work from your iPhone often and it will not be as easy as when you do it from your PC.

Toolkit on Iphne pcsuite

Toolkit on Iphne pcsuite

Further, video and audio files that are moved from one location to the other are automatically made compatible with the destination file format. You may have come across files which fail to open or play when transferred from one device to the other. iPhone PC Suite is designed to ensure that any files transferred to another device will still be ready for use.  iTunes cannot offer you such functions.





With loads of apps and updates chasing our smartphones wildly, it is quite difficult to keep the SD memory cards free for long. Not to mention that the SIM card also runs out of memory fast resulting your phone into a data jungle. Do you find difficulty in managing phonebook contacts or other folders of your mobile phone? Now, you can easily overcome this problem by connecting your phone to computer, with which you can edit, add or delete any file. For synchronizing your phone with PC, MOBILedit plays a vital role.

Mobile edit official website: http://www.mobiledit.com/

About MOBILedit

MOBILedit is a software that helps in managing contents of a cell phone, when it is connected to the PC. It has user-friendly options, which can help you to perform various mobile phone based operations flawlessly.

mobile edit

mobile edit

How to Connect MOBILedit to Computer?

MOBILedit is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones ranging from the basic flip models to the modern day advanced smartphones. The software connects your phone with the PC through Bluetooth, USB cable or IrDA.

Prerequisites for Installation

Before you connect the mobile phone to the computer, you have to install the phone drivers on the computer. This software also helps you to connect Android phone and iPhone through Wi-Fi. However, you have to install mobile application on the device.
Some users have encountered problems while doing so as MOBILedit suggested them for installing MOBILedit connector. This app is readily available in Google Play store, but previously users could not find the same at the Apple’s app store. Currently, the Apple’s app issue is resolved and users can use this software to connect Apple phones to PC via Wi-Fi.
The latest version of MOBILedit sports redesigned interface, which is marked with Windows 8 like titles and dark colors. You can readily use the interface to access the software’s features.
When your phone gets connected to MOBILedit, it allows you to go through the contents of the mobile phone. Do you want to view your call logs or text messages on the PC screen? Click on the message tile or call log tile and fulfill your requirement.
There are other benefits of using MOBILedit. Explore the advantages now.

Manage Your Contacts

You can manually delete or edit contacts by providing tap on your phone. However, this task is tiresome. So, you should have a tool that helps you to conveniently manage the contacts by using PC. With the help of MOBILedit, you can select various views, conduct full text search, unlink or link contacts between various accounts or deploy built in contact optimizer that eliminates all duplicates and fixes other possible issues with few clicks.

edit contact

edit contact with mobile edit

Drag and Drop Ringtones, Photos and Videos to iPhone

Are you annoyed with unclear synchronizing of iTunes? With the help of MOBILedit, you can surf media files on any iOS phone similar way as you do with the Windows explorer. By using this software, you can copy videos, ringtones, photos and other files between computer and mobile phone. There is provision for accessing the system files and phone application data files for advanced users. Therefore, you can solve problems that are related with the original frameware.

mobile edit drag and drop

mobile edit drag and drop

Recall Old Memories

It may happen that when you are spending your leisure time, you love to go through old messages or photos that you shared with your friends. You can easily do this by using MOBILedit. Just connect your phone to the PC through IrDA, Bluetooth or data cable and by using this software, create a backup on cloud for browsing or transferring the contents to another device.

mobile edit backup

mobile edit backup

Automatic Backup Provides Security to Your Data

Backing up data is important for every person. Many people fail to realize the importance of backing up data until they lose their cell phone. You can easily back up your valuable data by using MOBILedit. This software automatically performs the backup task, when you go navigate through your data. You can find all your stored data in offline folder.

backup data

backup data

Use Single Tool for Different Phones

Various cell phones need separate tools for connecting to computer. However, with MOBILedit, you can manage any phone. This is a universal as well as unique tool, which supports phones with any OS, like iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, Bada, Meego and Symbian in addition to various feature phone including obsolete ones.

diffrent mobile phones one tool


Copy Contents to another Phone

Sometimes, upgrading the old phone becomes tedious task. MOBILedit comes with built-in phone copier feature that helps in copying contents from one phone to another phone. Just choose the data that you wish to transfer and click at the copy menu. You can copy messages, contacts, photos, calendar, documents and music files and they will be stored at suitable folders of the new phone intelligently.

copy to another phone

copy to another phone

Removal of Duplicates from Your Contacts

The smart contact optimizer takes you through series of processes that help in creating perfect set of contacts. The optimizer provides support for local contacts and synchronized contacts like Google or Exchange.
The optimizer fixes duplicate, invalid or similar contacts. MOBILedit also traces missing contacts in user’s missed calls and messages for allowing you to add them as well. It also helps users for merging partial contacts and enhancing phone numbers into international formats making it convenient to call while they are aboard.
The Facebook photo match makes the software easy for assigning picture to your contacts from Facebook. The whole optimization process is a combination of knowhow and mathematics, which provides users with useful outcomes.

contact optimizer

contact optimizer

Migrate Contacts from Outlook, Google or Cloud

When you use MOBILedit, you phone will be connected with popular services like Gmail. You will be relieved from worries to deal with compatibility issues or import of VCF and CSV files. Just by providing single click, this software will perform all tasks for you.

clouds transfer migrate

clouds transfer migrate

Print Messages and Contacts

Sometimes, digital backup is not sufficient for carrying out tasks. At certain occasions, you need to have contacts that are printed out physically. The printing option is useful, when your phone incurs damage or it is stolen. By having printed phonebook, you can make important phone calls. With MOBILedit, you can print the conversation and later use it for making future decisions.

printing contacts

printing contacts

Transfer Data without Connecting to Computer

By installing MOBILedit application, you can transfer data easily and quickly through cloud. This software allows you to connect the computer via Wi-Fi. You can create backups quickly in local storage of your phone or in cloud. If you are organizing or editing the contacts and if anything goes wrong, the backup that is created in the local storage helps a lot.

backup with wifi

backup with wifi

Send Messages Using PC Keyboard

MOBILedit helps you to send text messages easily. By using the PC, you can send messages conveniently to your friends, when you are sitting in front of the computer or working in your office. This tool allows you to send messages to many people at one go.

send messege

send messege

Advanced Data Recovery for iPhone Users

If you have lost your iPhone, you need not worry. You have the opportunity of recovering your data. If you have connected the iPhone to iTunes previously, MOBILedit can recover the old data with the automatic backup, which was created while connecting to the computer.
Simply by clicking the restore menu or by browsing the iTunes backup files, you can recover SMS, ringtones, photos, notes, videos, apps and even calendar. You can copy the recovered data to another phone by using the phone copier feature or upload the same into the cloud storage.

backup iphone

backup iphone

Add Illustration to Your Contacts

You can derive fun by assigning funny pictures to your friends. Point out your friend’s number and click at the illustration menu. Then navigate the gallery and choose the suitable illustration that matches with your friend’s character.

contact ilustration

contact ilustration

Customize Ringtones

MOBILedit sports inbuilt ringtone editor, which helps you to create customized ringtones in short time. Users can select a sound bite from any video file and with single click, the software stores the ringtone in the phone.

Customize Ringtones

Customize Ringtones

Drawing the Full Version

By buying an activation key, users can upgrade to full version. The Lite version gets transformed into full version, when a user enters the suitable activation key in MOBILedit. Depending on the type of license bought, you can draw the facility of using free updates for certain time. The update period can be enhanced by purchasing additional updates.


• Provides complete access to mobile phone contents
• The software is compatible with all devices
• Helps in sending instant messages to many people
• Offers cloud storage facility
• Easy to edit contents
• Provides automatic backup facility


• The software is expensive
• The connection process is not easy
• First need to install drivers for USB cable

With MOBILedit, you need to worry about losing valuable data. This software helps you to recover data through automatic backup facility. By using PC, you can conveniently edit or add contents in your phonebook or send instant messages to your friends. Do not go for price. Rather think about the utilities.

Samsung kies

Samsung Kies is software from Samsung for synchronizing you favourite Samsung device with your personal computer. For working with Samsung Kies you just need to download Samsung Kies software on your personal computer. No additional installing on your Samsung device is required.

Samsung Kies allow you to synchronize:
– contact and schedule,
– music, photos, videos

You can also do firmware update, add new contact, backup and restore your mobile data.

Download Samsung Kies

You can download Samsung Kies from:

Kies For Windows

Supported model : Feature phone, Smart Phone/Tablet before Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc)

Kies 3 For Windows

Supported model : Smart Phone/Tablet from Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or over)

Kies for mac computer


Installing Samsung Kies

When the software is downloaded you just run it and install to your computer. If the software will need additional driver or video codec it will download and install it automatically.

Connection to computer

With Samsung kiss you can connect your mobile phone with two types of connection:
– Wifi
– By cable
1. You run program Kies or Kies 3
2. You connect your phone and computer with appropriate cable.
3. When your phone name will appear in left corner of kies software you will know that your phone is connected to your computer.
If your phone has not connected to computer try to use different version of Kies program.

connecting phone

connecting phone

phone device left

phone device left


System Requirement Windows

OS Windows XP(SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz or above (recommended)
Memory (Ram) 512MB (Recommended)
Hard Drive Space At least 200MB (Recommended)
Required Software Windows XP : Windows media Player 11 or above, Windows 7,8 OS N, KN : Windows Media Feature Pack
“Media Feature Pack” is available from Microsoft homepage (www.microsoft.com)

System Requirement MAC

OS OSX 10.5 and up
Processor 1.8 GHz
Memory (Ram) 512 MB free
Hard Drive Space At least 100MB

moborobo pc suite

Moborobo is an all in one smartphone management tool for android and IOS which can be used to manage your android phone using your PC.The main feature of moborobo is you can download and install android in your phone from PC.Moborobo helps to speed up your The main advantage of moborobo is that it supports almost all android phones.

Download Moborobo

You need to download moborobo software for PC and Moborobo android application from play store.
Download moborobo for PC from here.Download
Download moborobo android from here.Download

Installing moborobo PC suite

Run the setup file you downloaded and follow the onscreen instruction to install.For installing android app,move the APK file to your phone using USB and then tap the APK file to begin installation.
moborobo pc suite

Connecting android phone with moborobo application

Moborobo PC suite can be connected with android using USB and WiFi.USB is fast and easy compared to WiFi.

Connecting using USB

  • Activate developer option in your phone – For activating developer option,go to settings> about phone > Software Information> More.You will get an option called build number.Tap build number for seven times.Developer option will get activated.
  • Connect phone to PC – Connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
  • Activate USB debugging – When you tap build number developer option get activated and can be seen on settings page.Enter the developer option and you will see USB debugging option.Check the box corresponding to USB debugging to activate it.USB debugging will be activated when your phone is connected to PC using USB.So make sure it is connected properly

Now moborobo will detect your device and install USB drivers for your phone in PC and get connected.

Connecting using WiFi

Your PC need WiFi feature for connecting using WiFi .You can use this method in case your does not detect your phone when connected using USB debugging.

  • Activate WiFi in your PC.
  • Activate WiFi tethering in your phone and connect your PC to your phone’s WiFi network.You can activate WiFi tethering by going to setting >Wireless & networks > tethering and hotspot and checking box corresponding to WiFi tethering.
  • open moborobo in PC and choose connect using WiFi.
  • Open moborobo android app.You can install it from playstore by searching moborobo daemon or using the link given on top.click enable option and scan the QR code shown on moborobo to get connected.

Features of Moborobo

      Download and install app from your PC:-Moborobo comes with android app store with tonnes of cool applications.You can download app to PC and install it in your phone directly from PC.Its useful if you have slow internet speed in phone.
      File cleaner and ram booster -Moborobo android app helps to clean unwanted files and boost ram to make your phone works fast.Helpful if you run apps or games which need high memory
      Contact manager :- Export and import contact files from one phone to another and between phone to PC easily.
      Backup files and apps:- You can backup files and apps installed in your phone and restore it when needed.
      File manager :-Helps to organize files,images,videos in your phone easily with moborobo.

Moborobo is a very useful application to manage your android phones in less time with more efficiency.

Mobiledit PC suite for all phones

Mobiledit is a powerful PC suite which supports almost all smartphones including iPhone,android,windows,Symbian,MeeGo and Bada OS and phones which have Mediatek chip set like micro max. Download mobiledit Mobiledit have two versions- lite version and pro version.Lite version is free but have many limitations when compared to pro version like message sending using mobiledit will have a short message”send from mobiledit” and we cannot export files to an external application. Download mobiledit PC suite from here

Modem driver installation

The main advantage of Mobiledit PC suite is that,it comes with modem drivers of almost all phones.So there will be no problem like PC not recognizing your phone. When you launch Mobiledit for the first time after installation,you will get a window to install drivers for your mobile phone.You can select your phone model and install modem driver.Or you can manually download and install modem driver from this link.

Synchronizing phone and mobiledit PC suite

You can connect phone to PC using USB,WiFi,Bluetooth and infrared.USB is fast whereas WiFi is more secure but consumes battery more.

Connecting using USB If you have installed modem drivers,then you can easily connect your phone using USB. In your phone,go to settings>>applications>>development and activate USB Debugging. Read :-Huawei PC suite download Now connect your phone using USB.You can check whether your phone is recognized by your PC by going to Device manage and under other devices,your phone name will be listed.If modem driver is not properly installed,a yellow exclamation mark will be shown and will be shown as unknown device.Reinstalling modem driver will fix the problem.

  • Launch mobiledit and click connect
  • Choose what you want to connect.Choose phone from the list and click next.
  • In the next window,select USB as the type of connection.
  • Mobiledit will automatically connect and sync with your phone

Connecting using WiFi This is more secure than USB and you need not install drivers for connecting using WiFi.But using WiFi will consume more battery from your phone.

  • Download meconnector.apk(for android only) to your phone and install it.
  • Now in your phone,go to settings>>wireless& networks>>tethering and hotspot and activate WiFi tethering.Also activate WiFi in your PC and connect your phone to PC using WiFi.
  • Now launch me connector in your phone and it will display a IP address in your phone.
  • Open mobiledit and click connect and select phone as type of connection.
  • In the next window,select Bluetooth as mode of connection and in the next window,enter the IP address shown in your phone and click next.Now mobiledit will search for WiFi network with IP address you have entered and get connected.

Connecting using Bluetooth Connecting using Bluetooth is slow but this method is useful for low featured phones running in java platform.

  • Activate Bluetooth in your phone and make it discoverable.
  • Now activate Bluetooth in PC and click Bluetooth icon in task bar and add a device and search for device and add your phone a new device.
  • Now launch mobiledit and click connect and select phone as type of connection and select Bluetooth in next window and click next and your phone will be connected.

If you are facing problem in connecting your phone ,then post it here as comments and we will help you